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At age ten Robusgun had attained ultimate power. There was no hope for the human race. The world is now his play toy, spawned full of unimaginable horrors only a sadistic child could conjure. You are a survivor but for how long depends on how long you can entertain Robusgun. In a game that never ends until you do, you can never win and that is exactly how Robusgun wants it.

25/06/2014 UPDATE 1:

  1. Added more crates
  2. Improved spawns
  3. Added credits


  1. Unlimited game play time
  2. Highscore based
  3. Time based
  4. Level based
  5. Multiple weapons
  6. Awesome Music


Platform: Windows 

Initial Release: 24/06/2014 

Price: Free 

Final Release: When it is finished!


I am Robusgun, currently working on world domination and weapons of mass destruction. 

I am studying at Media Design School in a Game Art course working on attaining a Bachelor of Creative Technologies.

If you wish to contact me, email me at chaxic@gmail.com. Feedback on this game would be much appreciated and will be considered towards the final release of the game.

Thank you for your time 


Robusgun Annihilation.exe 69 MB